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Approved Inspector

Construction project consultancy
Periodic inspections of buildings

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Mariusz Kaźmierczak - Approved Inspector

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Approved Inspector


Each construction project requires building control oversight. We offer Approved Inspector services in the Poznań area, both for private individuals and companies. We check building work in its technical, technological, and legal aspects. Approved Inspector services also include checking if building work done was carried out in accordance with approved plans. Additionally, we conduct on-site inspections and issue inspection reports at key stages of building work. Making our Approved Inspector services your choice, you benefit from our specialised hep at all stages of your construction project. We guarantee professional control of quality and progress of your building work. We represent you at every construction site, offering our support.


Property Valuation


If you seek accurate and precise property valuations, feel free to contact our Property Valuers in Poznań. Property valuations are mostly needed when a property is bequeathed to you in a will and you need to pay the inheritance tax. We also conduct valuations in those situations, when when you want to buy a property and need to buy out other party share of the property. Property valuation also helps you verify if sell price of a property you want to buy is not inflated. Our Property Valuers ensure you get a fair and objective valuation.


Property Valuer


Financial value of a property can only be assessed by a registered Property Valuer. Valuation can serve many purposes from establishing property market value, securing credit financing, assets division, to assessing property insurance value or inheritance tax value. Valuation reports are further used in project management, financial dealings, and also in court proceedings. Valuation of commercial, industrial, agricultural, woodland and heritage properties, both for private individuals and companies, is handled by our Property Valuer, who guarantees professional help with your property valuation.


Periodic Building Inspections


Statutory inspections of buildings are a legal requirement acknowledged by owners and property administrators. Some inspections are conducted on a yearly basis, other every five years. All of them can be handled by our specialists, who are certified to perform these inspections. Our staff can check physical condition and safety of construction elements, electrical installations, heating and gas installations, and environmental protection systems. Periodic inspections of buildings help raise the safety of their tenants and users.


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