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Approved Inspector

Construction project consultancy
Periodic inspections of buildings

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Mariusz Kaźmierczak - Approved Inspector

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Piotr Czyżow - Project Management Coordinator

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Katarzyna Smoczyk - Property Valuer

Periodic Building Inspections

Statutory inspections of buildings are a legal requirement acknowledged by owners and property administrators.

Some inspections are conducted on a yearly basis, other every five years. All of them can be handled by our specialists, who are certified to perform these inspections.

Our staff can check physical condition and safety of construction elements, electrical installations, heating and gas installations, and environmental protection systems. Periodic inspections of buildings help raise the safety of their tenants and users.

OMEGA Project Sp. z o. o. Registered Office: os. Piastowskie 9/17, 61-147 Poznań
biuro: ul. Matejki 36/5, 60-768 Poznań
NIP REGON KRS Initial Capital: 5000 zł

Construction Project Management, Approved Inspector, Periodic Building Inspections, Construction Project Consultancy, Property Valuation.

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